About Us

SPA Library aims to support the institute’s curriculum in producing the technologically and socially blended best Architects and Planners of the nation, who are well-equipped with theory and research skills. At present it is developing a comprehensive collection of resources predominantly related to Architecture, Planning and its allied subjects for meeting the vision, mission and goals of the SPA Bhopal.


Vision of the Library 

The library will become a strategic asset of the institute that develops and delivers new methods of creating and supporting knowledge resources to enrich teaching, learning and fuel research in the area of Planning and Architecture and become a knowledge centre for the Planners and Architects of the nation.


Mission of Library 

The library's mission is to deliver world-class physical and digital content and services critical to research, education and learning in present and future perspectives to fulfil the SPA Bhopal’s vision and mission as well as the Architects and Planners of the nation.